• anti-static string
  • Anti-static Cord

Anti-static strings, also known as anti-static cords, consist of 100% conductive microfibre filaments, thousands of which concentrate the electric field causing the static charge to be neutralised and flow to earth. Anti-static cord offers a cost-effective solution to many static issues especially in case that active static eliminators can not be used.

Anti-static strings are extensively used in packaging or textile industries, can be positioned a few millimetres above the material or it may also touch the material, when this is permitted, it must be connected to an earth/ground. As a effective method of neutralising unwanted static electricity caused by friction, anti-static cords are suitable for many equipments such as gravure printing machines, offset press, coating machines, slitting machines, rotary machines, pressure-sensitive printing machines, plastic composite machines, etc.

1)As a cost-effective solution to many static issues, anti-static cords reduce high static charges by up to 90%.

2)Anti-static string is a more durable alternative to traditional anti-static methods.

3)Simplely draped over the material, not only no damage to materials, but also no performance degradation caused by oxidation.

4)Flexible in use with quick installation, free to vary the amount of static cords according to specific materials.

1)Model:Standard cord(850), Elasticated cord(850E)

2)Package:10m/roll, 25m/roll

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