• Tension Measuring Sensor
  • Tension Sensor Operating Diagram
  • Tension Sensor Installation Diagram

Tension sensor is an instrument which are used to measure the value of the coil tension in the winding process. Force sensors are usually used in pairs, utilize train piece for force measuring, feature high precision measurement, fast response and lower cost. Available in a wide range winding or unwinding applications including soft packaging, paper, film production, rubber tire, textile, printing, dyeing, food processing, steel wire rope, and many other manufacturing processes require constant material tension.

1)Double horizontal beam structure, force measuring sensors are made of high quality alloy steel.

2)Tension sensors have many advantages such as high precision, low drift, good stability and dust prevention.

3)Fast response and cost effective, widely used in various tension control systems.

Range 20kg~600kg Creep 0.03%
Supply Voltage 10V Zero Output <2%
Nonlinearity 0.02~0.05%F.S Temperature Drift <0.005%F.S/C
Repeatability 0.02~0.05%F.S Working Temperature -20℃~80℃
Hysteresis 0.02~0.05%F.S Overload Capacity 200%
Sensitivity 1.5~2MV/V Insulation Resistance 2000MΩ/50DC

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