• Tension Signal Amplifier
  • Tension Amplifier Wiring Diagram

Tension signal amplifiers are fully compatible with various tension sensors and controllers. Mesuring amplifiers have extensive adaptability for tension measurement and monitoring, the output signal are multiconnectable with PLC, PCS, digital readout instrument and analog instrument to display the tension value.

1)Small size and easy to setup, available in multiple output modes for various models of tension sensor.

2)Adjustable in large range, good linear compensation, and protected against electrical noise.

3)The key components are imported from Europe and America.

Working Voltage 24VDC Sensor Supply Voltage 5VDC/10VDC/12VDC
Signal Output 4-20mA,0-10V Signal Input 0-250mv/0-20mv
Output Sensitivity 1.5mv/v or 3.5mv/v Working Temperature 0℃-45℃
Mounting Mode DIN rail Mounting Position No special requirements
Environmental Temperature -10℃-80℃ Environmental Humidity 85%

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